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Volume 15 Issue 11

  May 28, 2020



An e-newsletter of the

County Commissioners Association of Pennsylvania


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NACo Cancels Annual Conference

The National Association of Counties has cancelled its 2020 Annual Conference. All registration fees and hotel reservations made through NACo's housing process will be returned to registrants, with no action needed on their part. NACo will hold a remote annual business meeting on July 20. Click here for more information.


Register Today for the CCAP Virtual Conference

CCAP Technology Services is excited to bring you a virtual conference you do not want to miss! Featuring two keynote speakers and five breakout sessions, this conference welcomes county personnel from technology, administration, communications, human resources and finance to attend. Register here

Digital Transformation Through Changing Times: 2020 and Beyond on June 11, 9 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. is geared to raise awareness, educate and engage key county stakeholders on the new landscape in government and the technology that supports these new and changing times. Visit the Virtual Conference webpage for complete details and to view the agenda. Questions? Contact Melissa Krouse, Director of Technology Partnerships, at

Are you enrolled in the CCAP Academy for Excellence in County Government? The Academy for Excellence in County Government is a certificate training program for county commissioners, county executives, administrators and assistant administrators, chief clerks and assistance chief clerks, solicitors and assistant solicitors and their equivalents in home rule counties. The Academy is honored to partner with CCAP Technology Services to offer credit for attendance at this event. During their enrollment, Academy participants must complete each of the eight courses plus earn 18 elective credits to be eligible for graduation from the program. 

This virtual conference will fulfill the Today's Trends in County Government Core Credit for Academy participants. For more information on Academy credits, please email Mandi Glantz, Director of Member and Vendor Relations at


Your County and the Census

Learn how your county is responding to the Census. Visit the U.S. Census Bureau's Response Rate Map.

And, get creative to get the word out. Some ideas: mention it repeatedly at virtual public meetings, use social media, distribute flyers, make phone calls and include information on your website's homepage. 

And to assist, download census materials and resources at The census is a short questionnaire with only nine questions, all related to collecting basic information about the people living in a household. For more information and resources to help you spread the Census message, please click here



ACo/Nationwide High School Scholarship Opportunity 

It's time again for the High School Scholarship initiative. This initiative will award four college scholarships - each worth $2,500 - to four high school seniors whose parents or grandparents participate in a NACo Deferred Compensation 457 plan. Applications are able to be submitted through May 31. Apply here


Serve on a NACo Steering Committee 

More than 1,300 county officials currently serve on NACo committees. If you would like to serve as a member of a NACo policy steering committee complete the nomination form and forward your completed form to Lori Dabbondanza at by June 26.

If you are a current committee member, there is no need to complete the form but please respond and let us know you're still interested in serving so we know to renew your membership for the upcoming year. There are 10 policy steering committees to consider: Agriculture and Rural Affairs; Community, Economic and Workforce Development; Environment, Energy and Land Use; Finance and Intergovernmental Affairs; Health; Human Services and Education; Justice and Public Safety; Public Lands; Telecommunications and Technology; and Transportation. Please be sure to number your choices in the order you'd like to serve. You may only serve on one committee unless you're in a leadership position.

Requests will be submitted to NACo in early July. Committee appointments will be made after the NACo Annual Business Meeting in mid-July. During this process you may also apply for a leadership position on the policy steering committees and subcommittees, LUCC and RAC, standing committees, ad hoc committees, task force and advisory boards as well as a NACo At-large Board member. To apply, you can begin the process here and click Apply Now at the top. The deadline to apply for leadership positions is June 14. 2020. 


Aspire Awards Deadline June 12

More than 400,000 county employees from more than 3,000 county agencies are saving for retirement with the NACo Deferred Compensation program. The 2020 Aspire Awards which honor and recognize counties for innovative solutions and promoting employee retirement savings has a submission deadline of June 12. Plan Sponsors can visit here for details and submission. 


SUD Confidentiality Survey

The Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP) is seeking stakeholder feedback on Pennsylvania's Substance Use Disorder (SUD) confidentiality requirements to learn how these requirements are working and if they can be improved. 

As part of these efforts, an online survey will be open to the public from May 13 to August 31, 2020. To find more information about this project, as well as information on
current SUD Confidentiality Requirements, visit the DDAP website. 


Funding Opportunities

DOJ-BJA Adult Drug Court and Veterans Treatment Court Discretionary Grant Program provides financial and technical assistance to states, state courts, local courts, units of local government, and federally recognized Indian tribal governments to implement and enhance the operations of adult drug courts and veterans treatment courts. Closing date: June 1, 2020.

Treatment, Recovery and Workforce Support Grant
is to support individuals in substance use disorder treatment and recovery to live independently and participate in the workforce. To achieve this objective, recipients must coordinate, as applicable, with community organizations, Indian tribes or tribal organizations, state and local workforce development boards, lead state agencies responsible for a workforce investment activity, and state agencies responsible for carrying out substance use disorder prevention and treatment programs. Closing Date June 2, 2020.

Community Food Projects (CFP) Competitive Grants Program: In FY 2020 and FY 2021, NIFA's CFP intends to solicit applications and fund two types of grants. The types are entitled (1) Community Food Projects (CFP) and (2) Planning Projects (PP). The purpose of the CFP is to support the development of projects with a one-time infusion of federal dollars to make such projects self-sustaining. Closing date: June 3, 2020.


Future Funding

County leaders should watch for a communication from PCCD announcing the availability of funding available through the Office of Justice programs. The federal Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding (CESF) is intended to support local law enforcement of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to prevent, prepare for, and respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This solicitation intends to support PA counties' law enforcement community, which includes, but is not limited to county jails, juvenile detention centers, local law enforcement, district attorney's offices, county probation and parole offices, judiciary/court houses, victim service providers and any other relevant criminal justice stakeholders. PCCD anticipates a second phase of funding will be released in fall 2020 pending reevaluation of system needs.

A total of $8,000,000 in CESF funding is being announced to support this initiative.  PCCD expects to fund 67 PA counties with budgets not to exceed the formula distribution included in Appendix A of this funding announcement for a 24-month project period.

Award letters will be emailed as soon as possible after the applications are approved and will also be available in Egrants. Questions concerning the Egrants System should be made directly to the Egrants Help Desk at either (717) 787-5887 or by email at


Cybersecurity Summit

CCAP is pleased to announce that we have partnered with Harrisburg University and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for this year's Cybersecurity Summit from September 30 to October 1 at Harrisburg University. Our continued goal is to raise awareness, educate and engage key county stakeholders in short and long-term strategies for cyber incident prevention and response.

This year's event focuses on "Caring and Sharing" - how can we collectively serve our citizens and students through cooperation and collaboration on topics of cybersecurity? New this year, the event will be two full days, with each day focusing on timely topics affecting our cybersecurity professionals and the business leaders responsible for the success of their organizations: Securing the Virtual Workplace and Securing the Virtual Marketplace.

This annual event attracts those interested in their organization's security posture, including top organizational leaders, CIOs, privacy and legal professionals to information security professionals of all levels.

Registration will open mid-summer. For more information, please email Melissa Krouse, CCAP Director of Technology Partnerships, at


NACo Webinars

Recordings of webinars from the past six months are available. To access these recordings, or for additional details and course registration information, please visit


Job Postings

To submit a county job posting, refer to the CCAP Job Postings webpage, where you'll find the jobs below and possibly others posted since the preparation of this e-newsletter.

For additional information on submitting a job posting contact Mandi Glantz.

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